Oxford School of English

Located in the very centre of Oxford, just a few metres from all the main bus stops and a very short walk from most of the city’s key attractions, Oxford School of English is one of the city’s most popular English language schools. Oxford School of English combines low prices with high academic standards and is accredited by the British Council.

Oxford School of English is located in a spacious and quiet building in the centre of Oxford, a few metres from the main shopping streets (Cornmarket Street and Queen Street).

Queen's street close to Oxford school of English

close to all the main attractions, including the university colleges, museums, art galleries, historic buildings, the river, bars, clubs and pubs.


Homestays welcome you as a guest and are there to help you. Homestays come from a variety of backgrounds. They might have been born here or moved to Britain many years ago, be single people or married, retired or working. All homestays are English-speaking. Some of our homestays offerprivate home accommodation, which means they may have more guests in the house, which will give you an opportunity to mix with people from a number of different countries. We are British Council Accredited and homestays are inspected regularly to ensure they meet British Council criteria.

Our homestays will provide you with bed, breakfast and evening meal during the school week. They will also give you lunch at weekend if you are at home. The school is in a commercial part of the city, and homestays are in residential areas a short bus ride away from the school, so you can escape from the busy city centre. They represent very good value for money, and provide a laundry services and your meals all together for a low price.