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English Language Proficiency.

To study at a UK university in most cases you will need to prove your knowledge and skills applying English language, if English is not your first language. This is done by a number of tests some of the most popular being IELTS and TOEFL. These tests are well known by UK universities and widely accepted. Many UK universities will list the English language requirements on their webpages so applicants know what the requirements are from an early stage giving applicants time to work towards these targets.

At Plan-it we work closely with our students to ensure they reach or get very close to the required English language grades.  We do this by offering the following services:

  • Free IELTS assessment test. This practice test is the best way to see what level your English skills are at. Worth up to 1000 Baht, we offer the test for free for applicants using Plan-it’s university application service.
  • Hints and tips on how to improve your IELTS score.
  • Independent advice on language schools in the Bangkok area
  • Information on University pre-sessionals

In the instance you don’t meet the English language requirements dont panic, there are a number of different options available to you. Universities will offer pre-sessional courses which can help you close the gap between your current IELTS or TOEFL score and what is required. Pre-sessionals are also a good way to get acquainted with the university you are studying at and the surrounding area before your main course begins. We find many students wish to enrol on these before regardless of if they need to or not. Another more cost effective option is to speak to a language school in your city. There are a number of excellent language schools we recommend depending on your needs. Many of the language schools teachers are IELTS examiners which is a huge benefit for a student taking the IELTS test.

Free independent advice for studying and passing your IELTS.

We work with many of the leading IELTS tutors and examiners in Bangkok, but we are not a school – therefore we are in a unique position to offer free independent advice on where to get the best IELTS tuition available.

Free online learning support while you study your IELTS.

To ensure you achieve the highest score possible on your IELTS exam we have designed online IELTS learning resources to support your IELTS studies.