ICDL for business

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Reduce workflow overheads today by building a workforce of highly skilled computer users with ICDL certification.


Digital literacy impacts your bottom line.

Recent studies have shown the significant economic benefits or having digitally literate employees. Moreover, recent studies have also shown Thailand to be lagging in terms of its regional competitors in terms of the core computer competency of its constituents.

By increasing the computer literacy of employees you are hand in hand increasing the productivity and competitiveness of your organization, this can ensure that your core business goals are achieved with less expense and increased efficiency.

The value can be understood in terms of:

  • Overall increased productivity
  • Reduced administrative costs (for example technical support)
  • Improve communication between employees and externally
  • Increased uptake of appropriate technologies for workflow enhancement
  • Wasted money due to incompetence eliminated

“ICDL increases efficiency and productivity”

An Italian study on the ‘Cost of Ignorance’ found that ECDL / ICDL certification gives a total return on investment of €2,261 (101,543THB) per person annually as well as 47% competence increase from pre-training levels. You can view it here… 

What are the impacts of digitally illiterate employees on your business?

Table describing benefits of ICDL for business