Get your ICDL qualification

Get your ICDL qualification today!

Improve your computer skills and your career prospects with an ICDL certification today!


Learn the essential computer skills necessary to achieve the most out of your career.

In today’s globalized world, computer skills are an essential skillset to hold for any individual and employee. Improved computer competency has significant social and economic advantages

Gain an internationally recognized ICT qualification

The ICDL is recognized internationally as the standard for ICT competence. Once you have gained the qualification you will have significant advantages entering the workforce. Moreover, the qualification involves learning a range of practical computer skills that will help you use computers more effectively.

The ICDL can help you communicate, connect, and interact with others:

  • Communicate with friends and family
  • Connect with virtual communities of like-minded people through, for example, web browsing, email, or blogs
  • Interact using online technologies, for example, Instant Messaging, webcams, Internet telephony, or online education and entertainment
  • Access Information and Services

Computer skills enable you to access a range of information and services that can simplify your life and save time:

  • E-shopping enables you to make purchases online and shop around for the best value
  • E-banking allows you to manage your accounts and pay bills without waiting in line
  • Online government services are convenient for sending forms, dealing with officials, and finding out information
  • The ability to access news, information, and entertainment keeps you up to date with what is going on in the world around you.