Ten Tips for UK University Applicants

Ten Top Tips for UK University Applicants

1. Apply early

Applying early ensures you wont miss out on a place at your chosen university. It also makes applying for accommodation and a VISA easier as well.

2. Check your university deadlines.

Some universities will have strict deadlines in place when applying. It’s always good to check if the course you are interested in has an application deadline.

3. Check what documents you need. Do you need any special material?

Art and Design course may require additional portfolio material or and English Literature course may ask for additional written material. Check with the university if they need addition documents.

4. Check, recheck and have someone else check your SOP

Your SOP is critical to your application, re-read your SOP and ask yourself if it demonstrates that you are enthusiastic and a good candidate.

5. Read your emails!

Universities ask for your email address and will correspond with you using email. Please read the email as they may contain important information.

6. Research, research, research.

Research your chosen universities and make sure it’s a perfect fit and you are going to be happy there. Happy students are successful students.

7. If you’re not sure, ask.

Applying for a university is a difficult task, from choosing the university to applying for a VISA, so if you are unsure ask someone.

8. Know the people who write your reference.

Better yet make sure the people who write your references know who you are, what you are applying for and your career plans.

9. Know the entry criteria.

If your GPA is 2.2 you probably should not be making an application to Oxford or Cambridge. Talk to universities about the grades they accept before making an application.

10. Be enthusiastic.

Your attitude could be the difference in getting onto a programme.

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